Two Things

June 27th, 2016

What makes you feel good about your work? For us, it is helping real people achieve business success. And so, our heartfelt congratulations go to Paul Thompson and his team at Waterbabies on receiving the BFA Franchisor of The Year Award at the BFA Conference last week. (Watch “Kitchen Table to International Business”.)


Whilst we at The Franchising Centre were all elated at Waterbabies success, we were soon brought back to earth when we played our new video to the conference. Why? Because so many people came up to us afterwards and said “I didn’t know you did all of that for franchisors!”. If you are one of those that didn’t know how we can help you grow your business, you can watch the video here.

Best regards,

Brian Duckett Chairman, The Franchising Centre

01904 561598

Recruiting? You’re Not the Only One!

June 20th, 2016

I don’t know why, but franchisors are very busy recruiting at the moment and a lot of people are on the move. We have some great candidates, but they are being placed quickly. Here is a sample of candidates we have right now:

Candidate STHP 20061

An enthusiastic and dedicated business professional with over 25years experience of working within franchise organisations at senior management level.  Has been responsible for recruitment and training of new franchisees and quality performance management of the franchise network.  Assisted and guided franchisees in continuous improvement and development for sales growth, profitability, marketing strategy, and staff development.  Seeking a new and challenging position that will make best use of their skills and experience and enable further personal and professional development. Email us for more details.

Candidate SDHP 20062

Experience of franchisee recruitment, franchise compliance, budget management, brand protection and enhancement, strategic management, KPI and SLA delivery, training course creation/delivery, project management, franchise retention, change management, new business development, franchise support, franchise process creation, franchise owner management, support and development.  Looking for an opportunity to join a growing network to bring their experience to help the business grow. Email us for more details.

Candidate SJHR 20063

Experienced support manager who has experience in developing marketing strategies to get products and services out to the right people and the influencers in the targeted sector.  An excellent cold starter with the ability to quickly build rapport with the end user and to build a strong contact base through multiple channels.  Has strong commercial acumen with P&L ownership experience and a strong track record of working with SME’s and franchisees and dealing up to board level. Seeking a new opportunity to help franchisees develop their businesses. Email us for more details.

If you are looking to strengthen your team, email us or call us now on 01904 561598 and tell us exactly what you are looking for. We’ll save you time and money by finding you the right person, first time.

Best regards,

Shirley Hughes QFP FIRP
The Franchise Careers Centre

P.S. Want to know what people are earning? Free franchise salaries survey.

Franchisors get International Representation

May 23rd, 2016



The Franchising Centre continues to lead the way in guiding franchisors through the process of expanding into new international markets. Farrah Rose, Director of its international franchising division, has just returned from the most recent meeting of their international network of consultants and brokers, called Franchise Pool International (FPI).

Rose enthused “Our FPI meetings are so rewarding. It is without doubt the easiest and most cost effective way for franchisors to get professional representation in the markets they are seeking to expand into. In Rotterdam, a chosen group of sixteen franchisors got the chance to present their opportunities to our partners covering twenty five European countries. As a result, a number of agreements were reached between franchisors and brokers to represent them in their countries. In addition, over the two days of the meeting, the delegates were able to attend a series of master classes and seminars providing a wealth of background knowledge about international franchising generally and specific markets.”

Rose continued “But this isn’t just a talking shop. As a result of these FPI meetings and the collaborations that result, more master franchise deals are being done by the participants than ever before. If you are a franchisor and you are serious about international expansion, this event needs to be in your calendar.”

The next FPI meetings take place in October in Milan and in April 2017 in Hamburg. For more information about these events contact Farrah Rose at The Franchising Centre.



May 10th, 2016
Paul Monaghan DiFM QFP

Paul Monaghan DiFM QFP

The Franchise Training Centre has launched two new franchisor training workshops in response to feedback from it’s many clients. Director of training Paul Monaghan explained “The Franchise Training Centre was established over twenty years ago to help raise professional standards within the UK franchising sector. During that time we have led the way, continually updating our existing training workshops and introducing new ones as the business of franchising has continued to develop and evolve. We now offer a range of ten different one and two day workshops which provide practical information and tools for all aspects of managing a franchise system.”

The Franchise Training Centre was also instrumental in the launch of the British Franchise Association’s QFP qualification by providing the training element of the programme. Monaghan commented “The QFP programme produces very good training delegates who are keen to learn and widen their knowledge base. They are also a great source of ideas and inspiration for us in creating new training workshops – a task we are only too happy to perform! Last year there was much discussion about how franchisors could get their underperforming franchisees to raise their game. So, we developed a training workshop to tackle this specific issue, which we ran for the first time recently. The day was oversubscribed and we got tremendous feedback from the delegates which is rewarding for all concerned”.

A complete calendar of The Franchise Training Centre’s training workshops can be found at


Investors from Over 100 Countries

May 9th, 2016

Do you want to get your master franchise opportunity in front of investors from over 100 countries? We are sponsoring a new British Pavilion at the International Franchise Expo in New York on 16th – 18th June. The cost of exhibiting is just £2,500 and we will even save you the cost of going yourself – for just £500 we will represent your brand for you.

Click Franchise Expo for more details, email me here or call me on 01904 561598 and I will tell you all about the event and how we will represent you.