Become an Exporter

Farrah Rose – Director, International Developmen



Make Your Business an Exporter – We’ll Show You How

You will have noticed that becoming an exporter seems to be the current hot topic in business. But what is an exporter? Simply, a business that sells its products or services in other countries. It’s no more complicated than that and is actually easier than you think, with a little experienced guidance. Every day The International Franchising Centre helps all sorts of businesses to become exporters using a franchise strategy, often finding local investors in overseas markets to carry the costs of expansion.

There are a number of hot markets for UK brands at the moment and combined with a favourable exchange rate, there has never been a better time to look overseas. Our unrivalled international research data and contacts will be used to help you pick out the best markets to grow your business in.

Could your business grow internationally through franchising? Get in touch, let’s have a chat and I’ll explain the basics and answer your questions. Call me now on 01904 561598 or email me here.

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