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Training – De-mything the Lingo

              Training Definition: noun Training is the process of learning the skills that you need for a particular job or activity.   Training is the process of taking a learner from A to B so they learn a new skill – simple eh?! Well, training is a science and […]

Training – so what?

Well, training features in franchising on both sides of the fence. If you’re a franchisee or a prospective franchisee what should you look for and expect in terms of training  from your franchisor/prospective franchisor? If you’re currently researching a future in franchising and are engaging with franchisors what questions should you ask and what do […]

Legal Threat

    The Hazards of Being a Franchisor! Have you seen any of the recent legal updates about franchisors being sued by their franchisees and others? It seems franchisors have been made fair game! Our training workshop “Avoid the Expense and Damage of Litigation” gives real world, practical advice on how to minimise the legal […]

How Would You Answer This Question

How Would You Answer This Question…                     If a franchisee asked their support manager a specific question about their year end accounts would they be able to answer it? Maybe a detailed question about the balance sheet, to explain a line in the P&L account or the difference between cash and profit? Most franchisor support staff […]

Are You in the Dark

Enter the Light   Are you in the dark about what’s really happening within your franchisees’ businesses? You needn’t be – your franchisees’ accounts can provide a surprising amount of valuable information, all you need to know is how to interpret it. This will not only give you a better understanding of what is going […]

Of Course I Trust You.

    You Trust Your Franchisees, Right?   Are these important to your business? How your brand is represented, customer service standards, customer experience, customer complaint resolution, brand reputation and so on…  You one hundred per cent trust all of your franchisees to deliver all of these critical aspects of your business for you, right? Just […]