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Of Course I Trust You.

    You Trust Your Franchisees, Right?   Are these important to your business? How your brand is represented, customer service standards, customer experience, customer complaint resolution, brand reputation and so on…  You one hundred per cent trust all of your franchisees to deliver all of these critical aspects of your business for you, right? Just […]

Your Most Difficult Challenge

  Your Most Difficult Challenge? One of your key tasks as a franchisor is the ongoing job of trying to get into the minds of your franchisees, find out what motivates them individually and then come up with new ways to keep them motivated. (It benefits you as much as them if they perform well!) […]

The Franchising Centre Powers Up Training Division

The Franchising Centre is delighted to announce that Laura Harvey-Smith has joined their training division, The Franchise Training Centre. This marks an exciting new drive in their “Training for profit” philosophy. Laura explained “Training is an investment by a business in its people. It has many benefits such as demonstrating to staff that they are […]

I’m earning as much as I want to….

That’s what you probably hear from those franchisees who have reached their ‘comfort level’ They may not use those words but you know it’s what they mean And that’s what franchisors consistently say is one of the key constraints to growing their business Alongside Franchisee Recruitment, the ‘comfort level’ issue is one of most franchisors’ […]

We all know you can take a horse to water….

…but you can’t make it drink.   To continue with the equine theme, we also know that it’s no use flogging a dead horse It’s hard work and produces no results And yet that’s what most franchisors, I speak to, tell me they do They, and their support teams, spend disproportionately large amounts of time […]

Muhammad Ali Said…

You’ve Got It Easy Muhammad Ali once said “I hated every minute of training, but I said, ‘Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.’”. OK, so you don’t have to fight George Foreman, but you do have to beat your business competition to survive. And just like Ali, […]

Franchisee Recruitment – The Game Has Changed

Discover the Secrets of the Successful Franchise Recruiters It’s here again! This is the training workshop that people tell us has opened their eyes to what is working right now in franchisee recruitment and helped them get their franchisee recruitment programme back on track. This two day workshop costs just £750 plus VAT, but there […]