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Here’s Where To Find Your Master Franchisee

The 7th Annual Franchise Pool International Global Franchise Forum in Naples this April is the place to find your master franchisee, says Brian Duckett of The Franchising Centre Master franchisees come in all shapes and sizes; they have a range of knowledge, skills and attitudes; they need varying levels of finance available to them; and […]

Why Should I Franchise in South Africa?

Think of franchising in Africa and you should be wonderstruck by the wealth of possibilities! Africa offers untapped franchise expansion potential and like all other emerging markets, expansion brings challenges and huge opportunities. Currently, only a handful of countries in this vast continent have a developed franchise industry, except for the one you would expect, […]

Last Chance to Book

Last Chance to Book Come up for air. Take a day out of the office. Go back with some fresh ideas. How? By attending the inspirational 2017 Franchise Conference and Supplier Showcase next Tuesday. See the full Conference guide here. See a video of last year’s event here. It all takes place next Tuesday, October […]

Which is True

  Which of These Statements is True? GDPR Will Kill My Business Or… GDPR is Just Another Y2K Type Scaremongering Story Of course, you know the answer – neither statement is entirely true, but GDPR will impact your business, breaches are going to be taken seriously and you do need to prepare for it. Good […]

Dip Your Toe in First

Free – Get Your Company Engagement Score Now   One of the great guest speakers we have lined up for you at the Annual Conference and Supplier Showcase on October 3rd is Stefan Wissenbach. He is a world leader in the area of organisational engagement. Just in case you still aren’t convinced that engagement can […]

Are You the Face of Your Business

The 5 P’s of Speaking to Promote your Business Do you ever find yourself in the spotlight? Do you address prospects, franchisees, other business groups? Do you really engage, interest and influence your audience? Do you get the absolute most out of every speaking opportunity? “If only there were a simple formula for making me […]