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Here’s Where To Find Your Master Franchisee

The 7th Annual Franchise Pool International Global Franchise Forum in Naples this April is the place to find your master franchisee, says Brian Duckett of The Franchising Centre Master franchisees come in all shapes and sizes; they have a range of knowledge, skills and attitudes; they need varying levels of finance available to them; and […]

Why Should I Franchise in South Africa?

Think of franchising in Africa and you should be wonderstruck by the wealth of possibilities! Africa offers untapped franchise expansion potential and like all other emerging markets, expansion brings challenges and huge opportunities. Currently, only a handful of countries in this vast continent have a developed franchise industry, except for the one you would expect, […]

Expand into South Africa

    Are You Seeking a Master Franchisee in South Africa If South Africa is on your list of possible target markets to expand into, here is an opportunity for you. In November I am visiting South Africa to meet with the Franchise Association and a number of franchise consultants and brokers. These are the […]

International Investors Want Your British Brand

How to Leverage Your “British Brand” Advantage Internationally Don’t believe what you read. Brand Britain isn’t finished. In fact, if you are thinking about expanding into international markets, I speak to investors every week who are desperate for British brands to bring into their markets. We are The International Franchising Centre and our niche is […]

Become an Exporter

    Make Your Business an Exporter – We’ll Show You How You will have noticed that becoming an exporter seems to be the current hot topic in business. But what is an exporter? Simply, a business that sells its products or services in other countries. It’s no more complicated than that and is actually easier than […]

International Expansion

                You might find this an interesting article from the British Council, about UK independent schools expanding internationally. The main points are: There is a large and growing demand for a UK style education from the burgeoning middle classes in Asia, the Middle East and other regions An […]

Iran Welcomes Franchising

  It will not have escaped your notice that the EU has just announced that it has lifted all of the nuclear-related sanctions that had been imposed on Iran. But did you know that it is a huge market that is welcoming franchise systems with open arms? This represents a real opportunity for franchisors to […]

Your Bank’s Role in Overseas Expansion

If you’re planning an overseas expansion, there’s one person who can help you more than almost anyone else – your bank manager. Banks can be vital in helping you complete a successful expansion, but they are not perfect. In this guide we’ll show you how to best manage your banking relationship. You bank will have […]