Could GDPR Kill Your Business

Brian Duckett
Chairman, The Franchising Centre

A Beginners Guide to Coping with GDPR

Fact: General Data Protection Regulation will apply in the UK from May 2018
Fact: It will change the way you can use data
Fact: You will have to comply

Apart from the facts above, I am no expert on GDPR – but I know someone who is! Kellie Peters is one of our great line up of guest speakers at the 2017 Franchise Conference and Supplier Showcase in October. As the scare story builds about what GDPR means for us all, Kellie brings a cool head, deep knowledge of her subject and practical advice on how you should prepare for it.

Come and see Kellie and much, much more for just £69 plus VAT at this great annual franchising event being held at the National Motorcycle Museum near Birmingham on Tuesday 3rd October. Book your places now by calling us on 01904 561598 or email us here.

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P.S. This event qualifies for 150 QFP points.