I’m earning as much as I want to….

Paul Monaghan DiFM QFP

That’s what you probably hear from those franchisees who have reached their ‘comfort level’

They may not use those words but you know it’s what they mean

And that’s what franchisors consistently say is one of the key constraints to growing their business

Alongside Franchisee Recruitment, the ‘comfort level’ issue is one of most franchisors’ biggest headaches

So, what can you do about it?

You’ve probably discovered that simply encouraging the reluctant franchisees to sell more just doesn’t cut it

But is that the wrong approach? Could you look at it another way?

Without wanting to state the obvious, why not concentrate on encouraging them to increase their profits?

Not necessarily to earn more now, they already say they are earning as much as they want,

But to build the exit-value of their business

I’ll bet many of them are relying on that for their retirement income

Do they know, for example, that at typical current rates, a pension of around £10,000 a year could require a pension pot of around a quarter of a million pounds

What might their business be worth? Would it provide what they would hope for, or need, in retirement?

They can hardly have failed to hear about the pensions crisis forecast for anyone who is still working

Would the thought of poverty in old-age prompt them to build the exit-value of their business?

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