New partnership with Microsoft to drive free leads for franchisors & franchisee networks

Franchise UK are delighted to announce a new partnership with Microsoft to help franchisors drive more franchise recruitment leads, and franchisees to drive more cost effective core business leads.

The partnership entitles all Franchise UK advertisers to claim free Bing ads coupons to drive free traffic & leads via the Bing paid search engine.

Bing ads market share has seen in increase in the UK and Bing ads now has a market share of 25.5% of all UK searches, a total of 939 million searches per month! With less competition than Google Adwords clicks can be significantly lower, increasing return of investment and lowering lead costs.

Franchise UK are offering existing advertisers:

  • £150 Bing ads coupon for franchisors
  • £50 Bing ads coupons for each of their franchisees

One Franchise UK advertiser that has 150 UK franchisee’s has already claimed £7,650 of free paid search advertising for themselves and their franchise network!

Joel Bissitt, Director of Franchise UK commented:

“Franchise UK is always looking at innovative ways to enhance our offering and assist franchisors to maximise their return on investment. This agreement is part of our ongoing efforts but goes much further. This offer not only helps franchises generate franchise recruitment leads more cost effectively but will help drive business for franchise networks,  encouraging franchisees to generate more leads online without cost or risk, a massive opportunity for every franchisor we work with.”

This offer expires in September so if you are already an advertiser with, claim your free Bing ads coupons now at

If you are not currently advertising your franchise opportunity, further information on advertising with Franchise UK including special offers can be found at