Of Course I Trust You

You Trust Your Franchisees, Right? – Last Chance to Book!    

Are these important to your business? How your brand is represented, customer service standards, customer experience, customer complaint resolution, brand reputation and so on…  You one hundred per cent trust all of your franchisees to deliver all of these critical aspects of your business for you, don’t you?

Just in case you didn’t answer that question with a resounding “YES!”, do you fancy learning some new ways to keep an eye on things without making your franchisees feel like Big Brother is watching them? Then you need to be at this training workshop:

October 10th – How to Monitor Franchisees’ Performance.
overview. Watch short introductory video.

This training workshop is being at Warwick University and costs just £345 plus VAT. Book now by emailing us here or call us on 01904 561598.


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Paul Monaghan
The Franchise Training Centre
Tel: 01904 561598

P.S. Full Autumn training workshop calendar here.