We all know you can take a horse to water….

Paul Monaghan DiFM QFP

…but you can’t make it drink.


To continue with the equine theme, we also know that it’s no use flogging a dead horse It’s hard work and produces no results

And yet that’s what most franchisors, I speak to, tell me they do

They, and their support teams, spend disproportionately large amounts of time working with the poorest performing franchisees

Which means that they are spending less time with the top performers

Almost 49 years ago, I joined M&S as a management trainee and quickly learned two things which have stuck with me ever since

The first one, which I learned at the end of my first day, I’ll tell you about later

It was the second one that opened my eyes to what made them a great retailer

Every store was laid out in what was called ‘proportionate display’

What that meant was, that the styles, colours and sizes that were most popular got the biggest displays

They concentrated on the lines that made them the most money

Because those were the lines that more people wanted to buy

So, they made bigger displays so that more customers could see them

And guess what – they sold even more

So, if you and your team are concentrating on the poor sellers perhaps you should be thinking about whether there is anything to be learned from M&S

Over the next four months we have three different workshops that might give you and your team a new outlook on getting the best out of both the good and the less good performers

They each concentrate on different elements of the franchisee support process

How to Motivate Franchisees, Details Here

How to Monitor Franchisee Performance, Details Here and

How to Get Poorly Performing Franchisees to Raise their Game Details Here

Why not take a look and see if we can help grow your Sales and Profits

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