Which is True

Brian Duckett
Chairman, The Franchising Centre


Which of These Statements is True?

GDPR Will Kill My Business


GDPR is Just Another Y2K Type Scaremongering Story

Of course, you know the answer – neither statement is entirely true, but GDPR will impact your business, breaches are going to be taken seriously and you do need to prepare for it. Good news – we are giving you the chance to put your mind at rest and get a clear idea of what you need to do right now. Kellie Peters will be a guest speaker at the 2017 Franchise Conference and Supplier Showcase. She is a renowned expert on the subject and she provides very straight forward, practical guidance that you can easily implement today.


Kellie is just part of the fantastic line up of guest speakers and suppliers we have for you on Tuesday 3rd October at the National Motorcycle Museum near Birmingham. Tickets for the event are just £69 plus VAT. Book your places now by calling us on 01904 561598 or email us here.

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Brian Duckett Chairman
The Franchising Centre
01904 561598

P.S. This event qualifies for 150 QFP points.